GOSELD is delighted to provide quality educational programs which challenge, nurture, and support students to do their best in all developmental areas. Each classroom setting instills a love of learning in the students and makes them take pride in their accomplishments. We are responsive to the individual needs of each student and challenge all learners to maximize their potential.

We provide a safe and nurturing environment for students to learn. The students play a huge role in creating the learning environment in the school. Our students follow “The Golden Rule” during the school day. They display what it means to be responsible, respectful, safe and positive.

Not only is the Primary School lucky to have a hardworking and dedicated staff, it is also supported by the efforts of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Our PTA sponsors many academic, enrichment and fun activities for all of our students. We are very fortunate for their support and generosity.

The Primary School is a wonderful place for students to learn and grow. We are very proud of all we do to support life-long learners and productive citizens. It is satisfying to witness the learning that occurs in classrooms on a daily basis.


GOSELD NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL is established to embraces a growth mind-set approach to learning on the core principles of spirituality, moral and education. We aspire for all goseld nursery and primary school pupils to value learning, inspire excellence and fulfil their potential.


Laying Foundations for Stars.


To create a world of opportunities through the provision of high quality convenient and comprehensive education and instilling core values: Spirituality, moral, and education.


To Give Our Pupils Excellent Education Through:

  • Provision of highly effective teachers whose sole focus is the pupils’ improvement.
  • Provision of quality, enabling learning environment.
  • Provision of In-Depth Educational Programs, engaging and enriching resources.
  • Provision of good spiritual base that will shape their future.
  • Instilling in them morals that will set them apart from their peers.